From the back end to the front end, website development is my specialty.

Microsoft ASP.NET

Microsoft's server-side web application framework ASP.NET Core is the underlying magic that drives a website. I've crafted my career upon ASP.NET technology, and I enjoy every minute I have working with this powerful framework.

Google Angular

Using Angular since the early days of AngularJS, I've watched this framework evolve over the years with glee. Angular is an MVC framework utilizing TypeScript which gives us developers a powerful tool set to build superior, interactive web applications.

Cloud Services

Experienced with all major flagship cloud providers (Google, Microsoft, Amazon), I will get you get your website up and running in no time! Cloud services include everything from hosting a web application to domain registration.


Docker is a tool used to wrap web applications into containers before deploying them to a cloud host. Containers are scalable in both location deployment and resource usage to either save money or meet demand. These are generally requested by clients with large enterprise applications.


The landing pages I create are designed with a mobile-first approach on up; maintaining pixel perfect precision on all devices with varying shapes and sizes.

Agile Developer

Utilizing everything from Kanban cards to a pre-compiled workflow, I prefer an efficient and effective workspace. Experienced with Git, Gulp/Grunt, TypeScript, LESS/SCSS, Node.js, Nunjucks/Twig, Angular CLI, and many others for quick and agile development.

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Hi there, I'm Cody. It's nice to meet you!

Cody Tolene's Vector Portrait

My story as a developer

My journey in software development began over 15 years ago during the dot-com boom and what I like to call the "Flash Golden Age" of the internet. It was the late 1990's and early 2000's, I was a teenager heavily influenced by the Indie Flash Developer community with their Flash games and animations, and a huge fanboy of Tom Fulp and Newgrounds. Seeking advice from forums on how to get started with Flash, I began saving money for Macromedia Flash Professional and took up learning ActionScript as soon as I could.

By 2006 I was fluent enough with ActionScript 3 to begin creating online Flash games taking up roles for programming, animation, and design (Photoshop). My dream came true, I'd finally joined the community I'd been admiring for those past 7 years; but there was a catch, Flash was starting to die out in the digital world due to security vulnerabilities and eventually lost the race to different media types. In the late 2000's I decided to curb Flash and sign up for college to learn how to program on other platforms using C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML and others. My initial learning interests were in game development, but in college I was creating MySpace templates and Dreamweaver sites on the side which led me to another passion: Web Development!

Cody Tolene's Vector Portrait

Web Development

Website development has been the main focus of my career for the past decade and every minute of it has been great. I'm experienced within all areas of web development from creating static Nunjucks brochure/portfolio websites all the way up to global cloud enterprise applications. The technologies I use consistently in web development are Microsoft's ASP.NET and Google's Angular, these two frameworks are an absolute pleasure to work with, a staple in my career path. I've set up and hosted websites on the most popular cloud platforms available using mixtures of the best technologies.

Front-end: Presentation layer
Every website I develop is designed with a mobile-first approach, generally using Twitter's flagship styling library "Bootstrap". I like to implement Angular when possible for engaging user interfaces and progressive web applications. I tend to use a more modern look in my designs with the latest and greatest technologies available, while maintaining polyfills for backwards support depending on the clients needs.

Back-end: Business and Data layers
Experienced in hosting, databases and data access, business logic and application programming interfaces, I have worked full-spectrum on every aspect of a website. For the back-end I prefer programming with the ASP.NET (4+/Core) frameworks along with a relational SQL database, although I've been working with NoSQL databases a lot as of late.

Game Development

"Ah you think darkness is VIDEO GAMES ARE your ally? You merely adopted the dark GAMING. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light QUALITY HD until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding PROGRAMMING!"
- Bane Cody

Video games have always been an interest of mine and it's what got me into programming early on in life. My childhood consisted mostly of Mario Kart 64 races, Super Smash Bro's beatdowns, and Game Boy Color system link battles; one thing was clear, I had an obsession with electronics. As a child playing games on the NES, SEGA,, I was always curious of how those great works of art were created. When I was a teen that interest had peaked with the advent of Flash, a platform where indie developers could easily develope their own games without the need of a studio.

I had to know how to create my own work of art, I scraped internet forums and began teaching myself how to program. Albeit terrible at first without a mentor, I began that dream of developing games and animations using Flash and ActionScript 3 in the mid 2000's, later progressing to C++ and C# in college. Today I still play around with game development as a hobby using Unity 3D. If only there was more time in life to take on a career in both fields at once!

Work hard, gain XP, level up.


What I've worked with over the years.


  • Microsoft C#
  • TypeScript / JavaScript
  • Google AngularJS / Angular (v2-7+)
  • ASP.NET 4+ / ASP.NET Core
  • Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Transact SQL / MySQL
  • Git
  • Node.js
  • Gulp / Grunt / Webpack
  • Nunjucks
  • Bootstrap 3 & 4
  • Docker
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 / LESS / SCSS
  • VS Pro / VS Code
  • Postman / Fiddler
Other experience
  • C++, AS3, VB
  • Agile Workflows
  • Amazon Web Services (EC2)
  • Kubernetes (limited)
  • Linux
  • DotNetNuke (DNN)
  • Wordpress (limited)
  • NoSQL (limited)
  • Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word, et al.)
  • Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash/Animate, et al.)
  • Unity 3D (game development)
  • 3DS Max (limited)
  • React (limited)
  • Windows Software Development
  • Batch Script / PowerShell Task Automation

Work Experience

Full Stack Developer
Miramar , remote contractor. October 2019 - Present

Full Stack Developer
GitHub , remote contractor. July 2019 - Present

Full Stack Web Development Specialist
Rice Lake Weighing Systems , Rice Lake, WI. May 2015 - June 2019

Computer & Network Support Services
Freelancer , Rice Lake, WI. 2012 - 2015

Data Analyst
Crossmark , Varied, WI. 2009 - 2011


Bachelor of Science in Game & Simulation Programming
DeVry University , Chicago, IL. 2008 - 2014

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